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Ordinary mosquito aerosols are made without addressing the safety concern of your family. When inhaled, these aerosols may cause irreparable damage to you and your dear ones. Xpel aerosol is made from an effective formula that is potent against the buzzing threat of mosquitoes while causing no harm whatsoever to people.

Once sprayed, Xpel aerosol quickly spreads to the targeted areas and kills mosquitoes swiftly. The stomach churning odor of ordinary aerosols is not what you get with Xpel. The fragrance of Lavender in Xpel will fill your surroundings with a delightful floral essence. After you spray, your sense of smell will never again endure the pungent stench of ordinary aerosols. Bring home Xpel, the deadliest aerosol against mosquitoes but friendly towards human beings.



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